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The Association “The World in a glass” was born with the vocation to create, promote and spread the culture of drink in all its noblest forms. Meant to be a reference in which people, means and love to the drink makes it important to any initiative associated with them.



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The global system of aeration and decanting composed of 6 parts. Includes aerator and base Decantus De Luxe, sediment filter, carry bag velvet, cleaning brush and table stand.Reduce sulphites an average of 56%.The wine reacts with the air, revealing its round flavor and its bouquet. With the table stand, DECANTUS, you will have your hands free for pouring wine in the DECANTUS on a practice platform. While you pour the wine, you can hold the base of the glass, fill, stop for a moment and place another glass on the support.The set all-in-one includes:base,velvet pouch,toothbrush cleaning,sediment filter,base in wood,oxygenator .


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